but how do you play it!?
players start with 4 basic plant cards. 3 beet cards and 1 bomb card.
they then take turns planting beets or bombs and bragging about how many beets they think they can flip without blowing themselves up.
gif of cards being played facedown and players bragging 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively
the braggiest of the braggers now has to find all those beets they bragged by flipping the planted cards. Flip a bomb? You blow up!
cards being flipped one at a time. 3 are beets 1 is a bomb that blows up.
four cards are flipped. All of them are beets. A beet belly token appears.
collect 2 beet belly tokens and you win!
two beet belly tokens appearing
but that's not all! there are all sorts of super cards you can plant to play tricks on each other
a poison beet card, time bomb card, and atomic bomb card
and a whole bunch of action cards to shake things up
a big sniffer card, bomb suit card, and nope not today card
check out this video walk through. arrows pointing down